The first successful and well-known product launched on the market by Pulcini’s Tecnograf was the BOOKFEED automatic trilateral feeder. In 1978 PUMA was introduced, a tape programmed for automatic feeding of Bookfeed. The following year, TECNO S was born, the first stacker of the well-known TECNO SERIES, with a product stacking system from bottom to top.


The following decade is characterized by the continuous technical and productive evolution of the TECNO S stacker, which is constantly adapting to ever faster production lines.

Along with TECNO in 1988, the first stacker of the MODULO 2X series arrives, smaller and more versatile, with a typical top-down drop stacking system. In the early 1990s TECNO S was replaced by the new model in the series: TECNO 50, which in turn was replaced in 1994 by the faster TECNO 55.

Meanwhile, MODULO 2X also underwent various modifications and improvements, such as the possibility of product output 90 ° right or left. Both TECNO 55 and MODULO 2X are still in production (obviously over time they have undergone profound technical and stylistic restailing based on new market needs).

In 1999, TECNO 100 was born from the merger between MODULO 2X and TECNO 55, the most productive of all the TECNO series stackers, having speeds of 120 products per minute.

The 20th century is characterized by a fervent creative activity: The BOOKPACER block and the relative TOPFEEDER, TECNO 60 and TECNO 30 feeder, specific for hardback lines, the 90 ° curve on the right or on the left for the collections, the RIBA book tipper, the TORSION overturning belt, the SCORPION gyrate for turning products, the innovative MODULO 2X ECON stacker, the COMBI low production stacker and the Mo.Ca. stacker with stacker for bending machines. Work is still going on to improve our products and the range offered.