The TECNO series stackers, simple and easy to use, offer a wide range of applications in the binding and paper converting environment. Thanks to their versatility, they ensure excellent performance on various types of products. The stacking system, consisting of a revolving cage called “carousel”, guarantees in every circumstance the best treatment of the product during the stacking, be it a book block, a paperback, a cardboard, a Dutch, or other.

The product coming from the previous processing phase is transported and positioned in the revolving “carousel” with a movement from the bottom upwards by an organ called “book lift”. This system ensures a delicate treatment even in the presence of generally difficult materials, such as small formats, valuable end sheets or book jackets. Depending on the programming, the “carousel” will perform a 180 ° rotation, to allow the opposed positioning of the spines where required. When the programmed number of products to be stacked has been reached, the stack is automatically ejected by means of an ejector on a motorized belt and then unloaded or transported to the next processing stage.



Automatic by-pass: allows the use of the Tecno as an emergency exit; in the event of a downstream line emergency, a consent automatically activates the stacker, allowing unloading of the line.
Thin book support: it allows to stack relatively inconsistent products, of low thickness or very floppy.
Book stagger (Criss-cross)